Betting on Nico Rosberg

Nico RosbergThis page is intended to help punters find value betting on Nico Rosberg. You’ll find racing statistics, betting tips, information about his driving style, and more.

Nico Rosberg enters the 2015 F1 season as the second favourite to win the World Drivers’ Championship. Shopping the odds it is possible to find him 11/4 (+275 American / 3.75 Decimal) at online bookmakers and 3/1 before commission at online betting exchanges.

He is coming off the best season of his career. In 19 races he won 5 of them. He won the pole championship with 10 poles and had 15/19 podium percentage. He finished with 317 points. This trailed only his Mercedes AMG teammate Lewis Hamilton who had 384 points.

Before getting to betting tips, here is brief bio:

Nico Rosberg Bio

Born: 27th June 1985. Wiesbaden, West Germany
Residence: Monaco
Team: Mercedes
World Drivers Championships Best Finish: 2nd (2014)

Rosberg F1 Racing Stats

*Stats through the end of 2014.

Races Started: 166
Career Poles: 15
Career Poles/Starts: 9.0%
Career Wins: 8
Career Wins/Starts: 4.8%
Career Podiums: 26
Career Podiums/Starts: 15.7%

Racing Style

Nico Rosberg has been an F1 starter since 2006. His first 4 season were with the Williams F1 team and 2015 marks his sixth season with Mercedes. He spent many years as the point leader on each team he was a part of. His driving style is somewhat flashy, and definitely fast. He became known for getting the most out of weaker cars, yet it was not until very recently that he earned a seat in a contender. This had much more to do with the teams he was on not supplying him a competitive car, than it did his driving style. Over the years he has matured and now has a competitive car.

It was in 2012 (his 7th season as an F1 starter) that he won his first race at the Chinese Grand Prix. In his 8th season he won the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix and 2013 British Grand Prix. Again, last season was the best of his career where he won the pole championship with 10 poles, made 15 of 19 podium and won 5 of 19 races. He’s always been a driver that had a chance to win but lacked the car to make him a competitor. His break out season was in part the result of 2014 being the first year F1 moved to using V6 turbo charged engines. His Mercedes team was superstars delivering their two drivers by far the best cars to work with.

Nico Rosberg Betting Tips

The spot I expect to find the most value betting Nico Rosberg in 2015, will be in any race or races he is not on the pole and starts ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton. In all of these spots he will likely have decent odds when betting race winner. The one spot to avoid is such races where rain is expected. This is because his teammate Hamilton is known as being a beast in the rain and will benefit more from team decisions.

Also I should mention that while they are on the same team, Rosberg and Hamilton are not friends. They are in fact rivals who fiercely compete. Last season Hamilton even disobeyed team instructions to let Roseberg overtake him at the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix.

The criteria I just gave is unlikely to produce too many chances to bet Nico Rosberg as race winner. For additional opportunities I’d look to bet on him before qualifying to be the pole winner. When it comes to races he is starting on the pole, traditionally odds have been poor. Rosberg throughout his career hasn’t been immune to mistakes. He sometimes thrills us one moment, then follows it up with a race-ending mistake. Even when he is starting on the pole, I need better than 2/1 to bet on him as race winner.

Results Past 5 F1 Seasons


  • Team: Mercedes
  • Races: 19
  • Poles: 10
  • Wins: 5 (Australian Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix, Austrian Grand Prix, German Grand Prix, Brazilian Grand Prix)
  • Podiums: 15
  • WDC Points/Standings: 317, 2nd


  • Team: Mercedes
  • Races: 19
  • Poles: 3
  • Wins: 2 (Monaco Grand Prix, British Grand Prix)
  • Podiums: 4
  • WDC Points/Standings: 171, 6th


  • Team: Mercedes
  • Races: 20
  • Poles: 1
  • Wins: 1 (Chinese Grand Prix)
  • Podiums: 2
  • WDC Points/Standings: 93, 9th


  • Team: Mercedes
  • Races: 19
  • Poles: 0
  • Wins: 0
  • Podiums: 0
  • WDC Points/Standings: 89, 7th


  • Team: Mercedes
  • Races: 19
  • Poles: 0
  • Wins: 0
  • Podiums: 3
  • WDC Points/Standings: 142, 7th