Using EntroPay to Bet Cricket Online from India

EntroPay IndiaThe best banking method for Indians looking to bet India cricket online is no doubt Skrill Moneybookers. This is because you can manage your account in Indian Rupee (INR), and deposit with foreign betting site which also supports INR currency. Unfortunately, as covered in great depth in my article on using Skrill from India, the set up process can involve many hassles, and it often takes a week or more to complete. For those looking for a quick alternative to bet on today’s cricket matches, no doubt Entropay is best.

What is EntroPay

Entropay is an e-wallet that works similar to Neteller, Skrill and PayPal, but only supports USD, EUR and GBP account currencies. Whichever currency you choose for opening an account is fine because you can still load your EntroPay account using your INR currency debit card, and when cashing out the money will also get converted to INR. Unique about EntroPay, your balance is stored on a Virtual Visa Card. This means in addition to being able to deposit funds to online gambling sites, you can also spend your EntroPay balance at any website that accepts Visa cards.

When gambling from India, EntroPay is used as a third party e-wallet that acts as an intermediary between the bank issuing your debit or credit card and online betting sites. How this works is you first use your debit or credit card to fund your EntroPay account. Once funded, you can use that account to deposit at a gambling site. Because your bank only sees the name EntroPay and not a gambling site, they will not recognize this as a gambling related transaction, hence the reason they’re referred to as an intermediary.

Opening an EntroPay Account from India

Opening an account at EntroPay is a very simple process; just follow the sign up instructions at To fund your account you’ll need a debit or credit card with either a Visa or MasterCard Logo. If you all you have is a Maestro, read my article on using Maestro with EntroPay. Now the good news is in almost all cases a debit card issued by your Indian bank will work. However, it will only work if you’ve registered your card with Verified by Visa, or MasterCard SecureCode (also referred to by some Indian banks as just 3D Secure Code), which I explain in the next section.

Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode

3D Secure Code IndiaWhen depositing with EntroPay you’ll be prompted to either enter your Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode, or if you haven’t used this service before to register for it. If you skip this step your transaction will be declined. This is because the charge will be made in your selected account currency of USD, GBP or EUR, and debit cards issued by Indian banks are not naturally enabled for international transaction and currency exchange.

By registering for Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure code your card will automatically be set up for international transactions in any currency. In most all cases you’ll find the instructions on how to enroll for this service when attempting to load your EntroPay account. If not, refer to my article on Indian Debit Card 3D Secure Code Registration where I’ve compiled a list of popular Indian Banks and links that can be used for each to register your card online.

Depositing With EntroPay

Important to note, you can use your EntroPay account to deposit anywhere Visa is accepted. However, many online betting sites such as Bet365 and Ladbrokes, separately list EntroPay and Visa as deposit methods. When you see this, be sure to select EntroPay as the deposit method because this will give you the ability to later withdrawal your winnings to EntroPay. Using this feature it is easy to move funds back and forth between betting sites accepting EntroPay deposits and withdrawals.

Moving EntroPay Funds to Your Bank Account

If you’d like to withdrawal funds from your EntroPay balance back to you local Indian bank account this can be done online. To execute this request, log into your account and click the tab labeled ‘EntroPay Card’ and then select the card you have a balance with. Next click ‘Transfer Funds’, enter the withdrawal amount, and click ‘New Bank Account’. Here you’ll be prompted to enter your bank account details, and to confirm the request. Once confirmed, the money will reach your local Indian bank in about 7 business days.

Temporary Restricted Accounts

As explained in my main article on EntroPay Gambling Sites (for all countries), EntroPay is a highly respected and trusted company licensed and heavily regulated in the United Kingdom. However, from time to time they randomly send emails titled “EntroPay Support Follow-up” which says “Whilst carrying out a random security check, we have noticed that your account needs further verification, and we have temporarily restricted your account.” If this happens don’t panic, unrestricting your account is easy and your funds are safe. See our article on temporarily restricted EntroPay accounts.

Betting Online in India

If you any further questions about using EntroPay from India, just contact their support department. I’ve dealt with their support many times and found them both competent and friendly. For more on the topic betting online from India return to our hub on India betting sites where you can learn about other banking methods, the best betting sites to use, who has the best IPL cricket odds and many additional topics.