Using Maestro Debit to Load EntroPay

Use Maestro Debit to Fund EntroPayThis is a follow up to my article on EntroPay Gambling. For reason that the most common complaint I read on forums is “EntroPay doesn’t work with Maestro debit cards”, I figured I’d address this in detail. In most all cases Maestro DOES work, but as an Indian blogger was the first to reveal: sometimes tricks are required.

Maestro Debit Card Issue #1 – Cards Declined

The primary reason the load transaction to your EntroPay account will decline is because your Maestro Debit Card is not properly configured. In most cases the card either has no address associated with it, is not approved for cross border transactions, or is not approved for foreign currency transactions. All three of these can be solved by registering for a 3D-Secure Code also known as MasterCard SecureCode.

To register for a 3D secure code the first step is to simply attempt to load your EntroPay account without one. What should then happen is you’ll be prompted to enter your 3D-Secure Code or MasterCard SecureCode. On this screen look to see if there are instructions on how to enroll. If you find no instructions, Google search the name of your bank along with the words “MasterCard SecureCode” and more likely than not you’ll find the simple instructions on how to enroll.

Note this will work for 16-digit, 18-digit, and 19-digit Maestro Debit Cards as EntroPay supports up to 19-digit debit cards.

Maestro Debit Card Issue #2 – No Expiration Date

In some countries, such as India, Maestro Debit Cards are issued with only a valid from (or issue) date and no expiration date. In most cases the hidden expiration date of your card is the issue date + 5 years and 8 months. So if your card was issued in month 02 (February) start counting with March as 1, Aprils as 2, and on until you’re eight months ahead (October). Next add 5 years to the issue date. This will determine the expiration date you should use when funding your EntroPay account with a Maestro Debit that has no expiration date printed on it.

Note #1: If your calculations come to a year that’s already passed, just add an extra year. So in short you start with 5 years + 8 months from issue (or valid from) date printed on card and then as that date passes, each time, your card renewal date is extend one year.

Note #2: If your card uses a different formula it will take some serious social engineering to get this information from your bank. It is still worth trying. A note to users of EntroPay India, in the articles I’ve read it is confirmed this 5 years + 8 months method works with Stake Bank of India (SBI) issued Maestro debit cards. I’ve also seen it suggested it works for EntroPay Indonesia and EntroPay Malaysia as well.

Maestro Debit Card Issue #3 – No CVV Code

This is the easiest issue to work out. If your Maestro Debit Card has no 3-digit CVV code on the back then just enter the 3 last three digits of your card number. Yes, I know this sounds incredible the code would be this unsecure but it is the truth. The field where you enter this 3-digit code on the EntroPay website reads “Card Security Code:” – enter the last three digits of you card number here.

Temporarily Restricted Accounts

Many users of this trick tend to panic when they get an email from EntroPay claiming their account has been flagged for review and temporarily suspended. If this happens do not worry at all, your funds are very safe. The first thing you should do is respond to them with the four pieces of information requested. For advice, see our article suspended EntroPay accounts. If, and ONLY IF, there are any further issues regarding your use of this method feel free to link their staff to this article. Note: generally it takes only a matter of a few hours to get EntroPay accounts reactivated, and once experiencing this inconvenience a single time you won’t experience it again.

Note to EntroPay Staff: One of your founders commented elsewhere on the brilliance of this method. There is nothing illegal about this method it is simply a way for international users to get their cards to work. If you want to discuss this method at all contact me via email at jim “at” this website domain.