Advice Regarding Temporarily Restricted EntroPay Accounts

EntroPay logoAs a follower of several sports betting forums, a topic I see popup often is posters panicking their Entropay account has been suspended. Please understand EntroPay is a highly reputable company, and your funds are not at risk. It is quite common and routine, sometime after opening an account, to get an email (usually subject: EntroPay Support Follow-up) such as the one posted below.

Dear (removed),

Your EntroPay username is (removed).

Whilst carrying out a random security check, we have noticed that your account needs further verification, and we have temporarily restricted your account.

Your EntroPay account will be fully reactivated once we have received and reviewed the following;

1.) A clear copy of your Passport, Photographic Drivers Licence or I.D. Card (both sides).

2.) A clear copy of both sides of all funding sources registered on your account, (For security reasons, we only need to see the first 6 and last 4 digits, Please COVER the 3 digit security code (CVV)). If your funding source is a Virtual Card, please send us a screenshot.

3.) A clear copy of a recent utility bill, on which your name and address are clearly visible.

4.) The name of the merchant at which you intend to spend.

You may send the documents via the Help Desk inside your account which is a secure channel.

Log into your EntroPay account, click on Help and Support, select helpdesk, click new request and attach the documents.

All documents are kept in a secure environment, and are only available to senior security personnel.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes but we trust that you appreciate the importance of maintaining appropriate security standards for our customer’s accounts.

Kind Regards

EntroPay Security Team

EntroPay logoOf course, when first seeing such an email, panic often sets in. Really there is no need to stress. EntroPay is a highly reputable company located in the UK who has been in business since 2003. They are also licensed by the United Kingdom’s Financial Service Authority (FSA) for the provision of payment services (registration number: 540990). This is a very legal and heavily regulated operation that offers Visa and MasterCards stemming from a contract they have with VISA Europe and MasterCard International Incorporated. They also have contracts with some of the world’s largest gambling companies including Betfair and Ladbrokes.

Reason for Temporary Restriction

The reason behind a temporary restricted email is most often a routine security check. Yes, this rarely has anything to do with suspicious transactions, using Maestro debit, mistyping a card number or anything of similar nature; accounts are just chosen at random to be verified. By sending in the four requested pieces of information, generally in a matter of hours (and certainly in less than 1 day), your account will become unrestricted and immediately available for continued use.

What to Send EntroPay

  1. For the copy of your ID: it’s best to send a passport when possible, but driver’s license or government issued ID card works fine as well.
  2. For the copy of your credit card be sure to load up MS Paint or another image program and black out the seventh and eight digits (leaving the first 6 and last 4). Also be sure to black out the 3-digit code located on the back of the card.
  3. For a utility bill anything like home cable television bill, telephone bill, internet DSL or cable bill, electric bill, water bill etc. work fine so as long as it matches your name. If you don’t have a utility bill in your own name and plan to gamble online you should change this. Many online gambling sites ask for scans of a utility bill as a means of verification.
  4. To answer the question “the name of the merchant at which you intend to spend”, there is no reason to lie here. It does not matter if you’re from India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. saying the name of a gambling site is just fine for answering this question. This is not a concern, as EntroPay deals with gambling companies regularly and online gambling is fully legal from the United Kingdom where they are headquartered.

Again I cannot stress enough having your account temporarily restricted/suspended is nothing to be concerned about. Once you send the info requested your account will be reactivated quickly. To learn more about EntroPay read our article on EntroPay Sports Betting.