Bet365 Review – Top Rated International Bookmaker is the gambling website I use the most frequently. As a professional gambler and published author that runs a gambling industry website, I’m of course highly familiar with their company and offerings. I would however imagine that, if I knew next to nothing about online gambling, I’d still know the Bet365 name.

When I’m in the UK I see their ads on television multiple times a week. I’ve watched the English football club Stoke City host matches from Bet365 stadium wearing Bet365 branded jerseys. At least half dozen times while watching BBC News, I’ve seen tickers mentioning something or another about Bet365’s success. I suspect people come to Bet365 already trusting them just due to how often we see their brand appear in various non-gambling settings. To me they are just as recognizable as brands like Nando’s, BP, and Starbucks – except they are not a retail business but an online gambling website.

Bet365 is a Global Brand

What is remarkable to me is just how global they appear to be. I currently live in Southeast Asia. Here I frequent a sports bar that has expats from Australia, UK, Canada, Denmark, Japan and many other countries. We often discuss betting opportunities. Countless people have mentioned they use Bet365 to place their bets. I’ve witnessed many friends from all over the world use the Bet365 mobile app to place bets in-play on the game we are all watching together on the big screen.

I can speculate many reasons why they are so popular. One huge feature is live streaming. With a funded Bet365 account it is possible to watch and bet on matches from many different sports. They also have tons of prop bets and specials. In fact, my experience is that there are more wagering options on any given fixture here than there is at their competitors. They also offer wagering on domestic leagues, even some of the most remote low-tier ones. Their website is available in many languages. They support multiple currencies too.

My friends in Thailand bet in THB. My friend in India bets in INR. Personally I bet in EUR. Others bet in whichever currency works best for them. This combined with their massive number of sports offered is probably what makes them so popular.

Bet365 Wikipedia page covers a lot about their history and ownership. In other articles on this website I mention my personal experiences using Bet365. For examples, they are highly mentioned in my Formula 1 and cricket betting related articles. In my personal opinion it is worth just visiting their website and giving them a try yourself, as reviews can only give a small idea on what to expect.