Betting Tools and Calculators

The most significant advantage Sports Betting Sites has over our competitors is our website is owned, operated and managed by a professional sports bettor. Here not only do you get sincere professional advice about which are the best betting sites but also in time will find a plethora of strategy, betting tools, and calculators. We currently have three tools complete, two scheduled to be developed and more will be added soon.

No-Vig Calculator – With this tool enter the moneyline offered for both sides in a game and instantly you’ll be provided with the no-vig probability and no-vig moneyline. This is also a very important read for novice bettors. Did you know Saints -600 / Lions +450 has a no-vig moneyline of -471 / +471. Some players make the poor mistake of believing it is -525/+525. If you’re lost here, be sure to read the article this page contains and you’ll soon discover this tool’s value.

3-way No-Vig Calculator – This is the same as the tool above but it works for 3-way markets. For example soccer (called Football outside of the US, Canada and Australia) betting is often done on a 3-way Home/Draw/Away market called 1X2. If you want to remove vig from these 3-way lines this betting tool is the one to use.

Odds Converter – This tool is helpful for quickly calculating how often a bet needs to win to average break even over the long haul. This is called implied probability. The tool also however allows you to input an implied probability and see the odds in 6 different formats. You can also enter one of these formats and see the equivalent odds displayed for the other five. The odds supported are American, Decimal, Fractional, Indonesian, Hong Kong and Malay formats.

Be sure to check back soon as more tools will be added in the coming weeks.