2019 Formula 1 Schedule

2019 F1 ScheduleSports Betting Sites is not only about which online sportsbooks are best. We also have content valuable towards tipping a winner. This page is more than just a F1 schedule because it also includes historical results. This data can be referenced to see what drivers have dominated a certain race. It can also be used to examine how much passing is done on each circuit. If the qualifying pole position has won the past few years followed by the top few on the grid, that is likely not a race to tip an underdog in. On the other hand, if higher spots off the pole are making podiums, some great value might be found. All that is covered here on this page.

2019 F1 Calendar with Historical Results

2019 sees the same 21 races as last season in an almost identical order. The one change is that the Mexican Grand Prix (18th race of 2019) is held the week before the United States Grand Prix (19th race of 2019). Essentially, these two races just swapped spots with each other on the 2019 calendar.

1/ Australian Grand Prix: 17 March 2019
Albert Lake Park Street Circuit (5.303 km): Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Sebastian Vettel (3)1:29:33.283Lewis Hamilton (1)Kimi Räikkönen (2)
2017Sebastian Vettel (2)1:24:11.672Lewis Hamilton (1)Valtteri Bottas (3)
2016Nico Rosberg (2)1:48:15.565Lewis Hamilton (1)Sebastian Vettel (3)
2015Lewis Hamilton (1)1:31:54.067Nico Rosberg (2)Sebastian Vettel (4)

2/ Bahrain Grand Prix: 31 March 2019
Bahrain International Circuit (5.412 km): Sakhir, Bahrain

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Sebastian Vettel (1)1:32:01.940Valtteri Bottas (3)Lewis Hamilton (9)
2017Sebastian Vettel (3)1:33:53.374Lewis Hamilton (2)Valtteri Bottas (1)
2016Nico Rosberg (2)1:33:34.696Kimi Räikkönen (4)Lewis Hamilton (1)
2015Lewis Hamilton (1)1:35:05.809Kimi Räikkönen (4)Nico Rosberg (3)

3/ Chinese Grand Prix: 14 April 2019
Shanghai International Circuit (5.451 km): Jiading District of Shanghai, China

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Daniel Ricciardo (6)1:35:36.380Valtteri Bottas (3)Kimi Räikkönen (2)
2017Lewis Hamilton (1)1:37:36.158Sebastian Vettel (2)Max Verstappen (16)
2016Nico Rosberg (1)1:38:53.891Sebastian Vettel (4)Daniil Kvyat (6)
2015Lewis Hamilton (1)1:39:42.008Nico Rosberg (2)Sebastian Vettel (3)

4/ Azerbaijan Grand Prix: 28 April 2019
Baku City Circuit (6.003 km): Azadliq Square, Baku, Azerbaijan

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (6)1:43:44.291Kimi Räikkönen (3)Sergio Pérez (2)
2017Daniel Ricciardo (10)2:03:55.573Valtteri Bottas (2)Lance Stroll (8)
2016*Nico Rosberg (1)1:32:52.366Sebastian Vettel (3)Sergio Pérez (7)

*The first Formula 1 race held at this circuit was in 2016, then named the European Grand Prix. In 2017 it was renamed Azerbaijan Grand Prix. 2019 is the fourth F1 race held on this circuit.

5/ Spanish Grand Prix: 12 May 2019
Circuit de Catalunya (4.655 km): Montmeló, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (1)1:35:29.972Valtteri Bottas (2)Max Verstappen (5)
2017Lewis Hamilton (1)1:35:56.497Sebastian Vettel (2)Daniel Ricciardo (6)
2016Max Verstappen (4)1:41:40.017Kimi Räikkönen (5)Sebastian Vettel (6)
2015Nico Rosberg (1)1:41:12.555Lewis Hamilton (2)Sebastian Vettel (3)

6/ Grand Prix de Monaco: 26 May 2019
Circuit de Monaco (3.337 km): Monte Carlo, Monaco

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Daniel Ricciardo (1)1:42:54.807Sebastian Vettel(2)Lewis Hamilton (3)
2017Sebastian Vettel (2)1:44:44.340Kimi Räikkönen (1)Daniel Ricciardo (5)
2016Lewis Hamilton (3)1:59:29.133Daniel Ricciardo (1)Sergio Pérez (7)
2015Nico Rosberg (2)1:49:18.420Sebastian Vettel (3)Lewis Hamilton (1)

7/ Canadian Grand Prix: 9 June 2019
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (4.361 km): Île Notre-Dame , Montreal, Québec, Canada

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Sebastian Vettel (1)1:28:31.377Valtteri Bottas (2)Max Verstappen (3)
2017Lewis Hamilton (1)1:33:05.154Valtteri Bottas (3)Daniel Ricciardo (6)
2016Lewis Hamilton (1)1:31:05.296Sebastian Vettel (3)Valtteri Bottas (7)
2015Lewis Hamilton (1)1:31:53.145Nico Rosberg (2)Valtteri Bottas (4)

8/ French Grand Prix: 23 June 2019
Circuit Paul Ricard (5.842 km): Le Castellet, France

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (1)1:30:11.385Max Verstappen (4)Kimi Räikkönen (6)

The French Grand Prix was previously a long running staple of the annual F1 season. Due to financial trouble, it went on hiatus from 2009-2017, and returned for the 2018 season.

9/ Austrian Grand Prix: 30 June 2019
Red Bull Ring (4.318 km): Spielberg, Styria, Austria

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Max Verstappen (4)1:21:56.024Kimi Räikkönen (3)Sebastian Vettel (6)
2017Valtteri Bottas (1)1:21:48.523Sebastian Vettel (2)Daniel Ricciardo (4)
2016Lewis Hamilton (1)1:27:38.107Max Verstappen (8)Kimi Räikkönen (4)
2015Nico Rosberg (2)1:30:16.930Lewis Hamilton (1)Felipe Massa (4)

10/ British Grand Prix: 14 July 2019
Silverstone Circuit (5.891 km): Silverstone, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Sebastian Vettel (2)1:27:29.784Lewis Hamilton (1)Kimi Räikkönen (3)
2017Lewis Hamilton (1)1:21:27.430Valtteri Bottas (9)Kimi Räikkönen (2)
2016Lewis Hamilton (1)1:34:55.831Max Verstappen (3)Nico Rosberg (2)
2015Lewis Hamilton (1)1:31:27.729Nico Rosberg (2)Sebastian Vettel (6)

11/ German Grand Prix (Großer Preis von Deutschland): 28 July 2019
Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg (4.574 km): Am Motodrom, Hockenheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (14)1:32:29.845Valtteri Bottas (2)Kimi Räikkönen (3)
2016Lewis Hamilton (2)1:30:44.200Daniel Ricciardo (3)Max Verstappen (4)

Note: The German Grand Prix was not held in 2015 and 2017.

12/ Magyar Nagydij (Hungarian Grand Prix): 4 August 2019
Hungaroring (4.381 km): Mogyoród, Hungary

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (1)1:37:16.427Sebastian Vettel (4)Kimi Räikkönen (3)
2017Sebastian Vettel (1)1:39:46.713Kimi Räikkönen (2)Valtteri Bottas (3)
2016Lewis Hamilton (2)1:40:30.115Nico Rosberg (1)Daniel Ricciardo (3)
2015Sebastian Vettel (3)1:46:09.985Daniil Kvyat (7)Daniel Ricciardo (4)

13/ Belgian Grand Prix: 1 Sept 2019
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (7.004 km): Francorchamps, Spa, Belgium

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Sebastian Vettel (2)1:23:34.476Lewis Hamilton (1)Max Verstappen (7)
2017Lewis Hamilton (1)1:24:42.820Sebastian Vettel (2)Daniel Ricciardo (6)
2016Nico Rosberg (1)1:44:51.058Daniel Ricciardo (5)Lewis Hamilton (21)
2015Lewis Hamilton (1)1:23:40.387Nico Rosberg (2)Romain Grosjean (9)

14/ Gran Premio Santander d’Italia (Italian Grand Prix): 8 September 2019
Autodromo Nazionale Monza (5.793 km): Monza, Italy

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (3)1:16:54.484Kimi Räikkönen (1)Valtteri Bottas (4)
2017Lewis Hamilton (1)1:15:32.312Valtteri Bottas (4)Sebastian Vettel (6)
2016Nico Rosberg (2)1:17:28.089Lewis Hamilton (1)Sebastian Vettel (3)
2015Lewis Hamilton (1)1:18:00.688Sebastian Vettel (3)Felipe Massa (5)

15/ Singapore Grand Prix: 22 September 2019
Marina Bay Street Circuit (5.063 km): Marina Bay, Singapore

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (1)1:51:11.611Max Verstappen (2)Sebastian Vettel (3)
2017*Lewis Hamilton (5)2:03:23.544Daniel Ricciardo (3)Valtteri Bottas (6)
2016*Nico Rosberg (1)1:55:48.950Daniel Ricciardo (2)Lewis Hamilton (3)
2015Sebastian Vettel (1)2:01:22.118Daniel Ricciardo (2)Kimi Räikkönen (3)

*when looking at the above historical results, note that the circuit had minor modications starting with the 2018 race.

16/ Russian Grand Prix: 29 September 2019
Sochi International Street Circuit (5.848 km): Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (2)1:27:25.181Valtteri Bottas (1)Sebastian Vettel (3)
2017Valtteri Bottas (3)1:28:08.743Sebastian Vettel (1)Kimi Räikkönen (2)
2016Nico Rosberg (1)1:32:41.997Lewis Hamilton (10)Kimi Räikkönen (3)
2015Lewis Hamilton (2)1:37:11.024Sebastian Vettel (4)Sergio Pérez (7)

This circuit has 2019 proposed track changes

17/ Japanese Grand Prix: 13 October 2019
Suzuka Circuit (5.807): Ino, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (1)1:27:17.062Valtteri Bottas (2)Max Verstappen (3)
2017Lewis Hamilton (1)1:27:31.194Max Verstappen (4)Daniel Ricciardo (3)
2016Nico Rosberg (1)1:26:43.333Max Verstappen (3)Lewis Hamilton (2)
2015Lewis Hamilton (2)1:28:06.508Nico Rosberg (1)Sebastian Vettel (4)

18/ Mexican Grand Prix 27 October 2019
Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez Circuit (4.304 km): Mexico City, Mexico

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Max Verstappen (2)1:38:28.851Sebastian Vettel (4)Kimi Räikkönen (6)
2017Max Verstappen (2)1:36:26.552Valtteri Bottas (4)Kimi Räikkönen (5)
2016Lewis Hamilton (1)1:40:31.402Nico Rosberg (2)Daniel Ricciardo (4)
2015Nico Rosberg (1)1:42:35.038Lewis Hamilton (2)Valtteri Bottas (6)

19/ United States Grand Prix: 3 November 2019
Circuit of the Americas (5.513 km): Austin, Texas

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Kimi Räikkönen (2)1:34:18.643Max Verstappen (18)Lewis Hamilton (1)
2017Lewis Hamilton (1)1:33:50.991Sebastian Vettel (2)Kimi Räikkönen (5)
2016Lewis Hamilton (1)1:38:12.618Nico Rosberg (2)Daniel Ricciardo (3)
2015Lewis Hamilton (2)1:50:52.703Nico Rosberg (1)Sebastian Vettel (13)

20/ Grande Prêmio do Brasil (Brazilian Grand Prix): 17 November 2019
Jose Carlos Pace, aka Interlagos (4.309 km): São Paulo, Brazil

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (1)1:27:09.066Max Verstappen (5)Kimi Räikkönen (4)
2017Sebastian Vettel (2)1:31:26.262Valtteri Bottas (1)Kimi Räikkönen (3)
2016Lewis Hamilton (1)3:01:01.335Nico Rosberg (2)Max Verstappen (4)
2015Nico Rosberg (1)1:31:09.090Lewis Hamilton (2)Sebastian Vettel (3)

21/ Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: 1 December 2019
Yas Marina Circuit (5.554 km): Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Results1st (Grid)Time2nd (Grid)3rd (Grid)
2018Lewis Hamilton (1)1:39:40.382Sebastian Vettel (3)Max Verstappen (6)
2017Valtteri Bottas (1)1:34:14.062Lewis Hamilton (2)Sebastian Vettel (3)
2016Lewis Hamilton (1)1:38:04.013Nico Rosberg (2)Sebastian Vettel (5)
2015Lewis Hamilton (1)1:38:30.175Nico Rosberg (2)Kimi Räikkönen (3)

Historical results should be used only as a guide. There is a lot more to look at. For example, Formula 1 has rule changes each season. Additionally, Drivers change teams and new cars are used. Also, some results are anomalies. A major collision might change things up a lot. In conclusion, I touch on this briefly below.

2019 F1 Changes

For information on technical changes and such I suggest visiting the Wikipedia entry: 2019 Formula One season. This is important to skim before backing drivers or teams based on historical results.

Now we should warn about following the historical results too closely. There are several drivers that have changed teams this year. Daniel Ricciardo won 7 races over the past 5 seasons, including two in 2018, all while driving for team Red Bull Racing. For the 2019 season he joined Renault replacing Carlos Sainz Jr. His spot with Red Bull Racing is filled by Pierre Gasly, while Sainz Jr. has moved to McLaren due to the retirement of two-time World Drivers’ Champion Fernando Alonso. Kimi Räikkönen (returned to Sauber for 2019) and Charles Leclerc (now with Ferrari for 2019) changed teams replacing each other. Daniil Kvyat rejoins Toro Rosso and George Russell signed a contract to drive for Williams, after a dominant Formula Two season.

Lewis Hamilton Still Favourite

What hasn’t changed is the 2019 season has Lewis Hamilton as the dominant favourite to add a 6th World Drivers’ Championship to his record. His team Mercedes AMG Petronas has won 5 World Constructors’ Championship in a row and is also the odds makers’ heavy favourite in 2019. Though that combo is dominant, we can likely still find plenty of value betting driver Sebastian Vettel and team Scuderia Ferrari this season. Of course, other drivers and teams will also make podiums and win some races, plus there are many types of F1 bets available. This here is just a guide to help with your research.