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Sports Betting Sites entire purpose for existing is to keep players informed about the latest happenings in the industry, sportsbook scams, special offers, policy changes and the like. This is a popular page of our website you’ll most certainly want to bookmark and return to. We’re sports bettors ourselves, use dozens of betting sites, and scout all the major forums to bring you this news.

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Multiple YouWager Payout Complaints, Five Figure USD in Missing BitCoins - 28 November 2018 has downgraded to D+ on our rating guide. Fossilman was the first to bring a complaint forward. Now they have many involving players, who were locked out of their accounts, having the bitcoin address on their payout requests altered. Support tells them the payouts were received, and tries giving them an address they did not provide as proof. At the current time tens of thousands of US dollars are missing. This has been going on for weeks and YouWager is unhelpful thus far. Additionally there is an over $77,000 balance confiscation complaint and a $33,000 slow-pay complaint. Click the header above to read a much more detailed report.

Anonibet Initiated at C- on SBS Rating Guide - 16 February 2015

Anonibet has been added to our sportsbook ratings at C-. This is an online sportsbook popular with bitcoin gamblers, but we have some serious concerns which are important to warn players about. For starters they lack comprehensive sports specific rules as found at most legit gambling websites. More concerning is they offer a highly +EV bonus on unlimited reloads. Their only safeguard against bonus whores and advantage play is a subjective undefined vague term that allows them to remove winnings from player’s accounts retroactively after the fact. This is done under their own discretion with no explanation required. It is very hard researching this website to know if they embrace or value fair gambling principles or not.

Super Bowl Squares Offered at Bookmaker - 28 January 2015

SBS encourages anyone playing 2015 Super Bowl square pools to read this post. This report covers the office contests (NFL Squares) offered by leading US friendly betting site Bookmaker. More important to what they offer is the information on the bottom. It is very easy to rig pools to give certain players an advantage. We include which numbers are most likely to win in this post. It is important to your chances that you only play contests where you are certain which number each square has is randomly assigned. The edge someone gains by selecting the numbers themselves is massive.

5Dimes Opens Betting Odds on 2015 F1 World Drivers’ Championship - 27 January 2015

5Dimes has posted openers on the 2015 F1 World Drivers’ Championship and the World Constructors’ Championship. Theirs odds for the top two favorites Lewis Hamilton -130 (UK: 10/13, Dec 1.77) and Nico Rosberg +325 (UK: 13/4 / Dec: 4.25) are considerably better than what betting sites that opened earlier are offering. Our article reporting this has the full odds on each driver, and 2015 F1 betting tips from Prop.

Bovada Quickly Resolves Live Betting Complaint - 25 January 2015

Sports Betting Sites encourages anyone who bet the which will occur next 4-way market on steals/blocks at the start of the 4th quarter on the January, 22 2015 Clipppers vs. Nets NBA game at Bovada to check and make sure their ticket was graded correct. Bovada initially graded this as Nets Blocks being the winning wager when the correct grade was Clippers Block. A player with +330 odds on Clippers block had his wager graded wrong. After a frustrating experience with support, which involved only a simple mistake, SBS helped escalate this to the right person at Bovada for taking a second look. They have now regraded the players betting ticket from a loss to a win.

US Sportsbooks Rating Updates - 21 January 2015

Five US friendly sports betting sites have had their ratings change on our Sportsbook Ratings Guide. The majority of these were long overdue. went from B+ to A-. went from C+ to B+, went from B- to B, went from C to C+, and Carib went from B to B-. If you click to read the full article you will find that the basis for these rating changes are each explained in considerable detail.

5Dimes Upgraded to A (Dan vs. 5Dimes Dispute Archived) - 22 July 2014

In 2012 5Dimes was long rated A on our sportsbook ratings guide and had recently reached the top position on our US betting sites recommended list. It was not us alone that rated them highly. They still hold a top rating currently issued by both Sports Book Review and Bookmakers Review and have won the SBR Forum posters’ poll as best US Sportsbook multiple years in a row. A dispute with a player caused us to change their rating to B in December 2012 where it stayed there for 18 months. This article archives that dispute and explains the reason on 22 July 2014 we have once again listed them at A on our ratings guide.

WagerWeb Pays TrixTrix Settling 42-month-old Correlated Parlay Theft - 10 May 2013 has resolved a 42-month old dispute by paying a player known as TrixTrix his full $11,278 balance. This was a high profile dispute that SBS had long classified as theft. WagerWeb had been attempting to settle this with partial payment for some time, but the player refused to accept anything less than his full balance. A week after acquiring players, WagerWeb settled this matter and in doing so removed this large outstand issue from resume.

Legends Sports Closes; Players Stiffed 50% in WagerWeb Transfer - 20 April 2013

Legends Sports closed for business on April 17, 2013. This was a week after a 95-page US federal indictment accused 34 individuals and 23 entities associated with Legends of operating an illegal US sports betting business. When closing they sent an email informing players they expect to have their account balances transferred to an A rated sportsbook in 24-48 hours. Well 48 hours later they announced they are actually being transferred to a much lower rated There is also a forced 10-time rollover requirement before cashing out, thus stealing 50% of players account balances. Plus even after meeting the requirements, players then have money in a much lower rated sportsbook.

The History of Blue Square – Now Owned by Betfair - 07 April 2013

On April 2, 2013 one of the UK’s oldest betting sites was acquired by their competitor Betfair. This brand is now closed. Former account holders have been migrated to Betfair where their balances are available. For the time being details can be found at It has also been announced that England’s Football Conference will have a new sponsor for the 2013-2014 season.