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Bovada News: MyPayLinQ Transfers Blocked for 4 US States - 09 March 2012

There are recent rumors spanning the web suggesting is no longer servicing players from Utah, Maryland, New York and Washington; these reports are false. The actual news is Bovada’s top e-wallet payment processor MyPayLinQ is restricting these states, and Bovada already has low cost deposit and withdrawal alternatives available to these players.

Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre Indicted by US Authorities - 28 February 2012

Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre and fellow Canada citizens James Philip, David Ferguson and Derrick Maloney have been charged with Running a Gambling Business and Money Laundering Conspiracy. This fishy US indictment based near entirely on four year old information; click the link above for the full report.

Please Help Stop the Scam - 25 February 2012

If you’re not familiar with the fact is an elaborate scam site fueled by large marketing budgets and dishonest affiliates, click the link above to see a quick write-up that contains two videos on the topic. For those aware this is a call to action, as SBS is challenging everyone in the gambling industry to do their part in exposing the and Futurebet scams.

Potential Player Theft (Updated June 2012) - 31 January 2012

Back in early October 2011 closed a players account which contained an over €13,000 account balance. For more than six weeks they simply ignored emails from the frustrated player never stating why his account had been closed. Finally on December 29, 2011 they paid him but they withheld €2,432 in a move Sports Betting Sites is classifying as a Bwin theft. The entire story, their reasoning, and how this played out, can be read by clicking the link above. As a result of Bwin stealing €2432 they have been downgraded on our sportsbook rating guide and are now Sports Betting Sites rated D+. Player Learns €5,200 Lesson (Always Read Fine Print) - 27 January 2012

Through navigating betting forums and getting feedback from players I come across no shortage of legitimate betting site complaints. However far too frequently are there situations where the player legitimately feels no less wronged than a scam victim, yet I have no choice but to side with the sportsbook. An example of this comes in a recent €5,200 balance debit at where the player simply failed to read the rules he agreed to. Click the title above and read this post as I believe it contains a very valuable lesson that it unfortunately often cost others a lot to learn.

Rigged Video Poker Game by Amigotechs Found at - 15 January 2012

Recently there has been no shortage of rigged online casinos popping up. Only a little over a month has passed since BLR Technologies rigged craps game was discovered at The latest scandal comes from yet another Panama based software provider Amigotechs which provides casino games to YouWager, JustBet and SBG Global. Click the link above to read how this story of a rigged Jacks or Better Video Poker game all played out.

BetOnline and Bovada Now Charging Deposit Fees! - 30 December 2011

Sports Betting Sites caught wind on forums yesterday that (.ag) is now charging their clients a 6% fee for credit card deposits. We inquired with live chat and were told this is clearly stated in their rules. Searching the rules published on their website we discovered under Cashier Rules > Deposit Rules a rule […]

5Dimes Props No Longer Available for Most NFL Football Games - 27 November 2011 is the most popular betting sites in the US market due to their reduced juice offers (-105 on NFL sides), amazing teaser odds (2-team 6 point +100) and massive selection of NFL prop bets. Unfortunately the later is no longer what it used to be. Effective November 27, 2011 5Dimes is no longer offering […]

BetOnline Downgraded Over Rogue Poker Site - 18 November 2011

April 15, 2012 Update – Below is an archived post regarding BetOnline Poker issues. Please understand BetOnline is NOT recommended for casual sports bettors. If you’re looking for a 3-in-1 alternative (Sports/Casino/Poker) we suggest, who ranks great on our Sportbook Rankings and tops on our list of Best US Poker Sites. Sports Betting Sites […]

The Wizard Declares BLR Technologies Rogue (Updated) - 03 November 2011

03 FEBRUARY 2012 UPDATE: From 18 November 2011 to 02 to February 2012 was rated C- on our rating guide over this incident. Our concern was comments by Legends general manager Rachel Miller in a Pittsburgh Tribune article as apparently the RNG was not the cause of the problem. Also Panama is long known […]