Multiple YouWager Payout Complaints, Five Figure USD in Missing BitCoins

Posted by admin on 28 November 2018 in Betting Sites News

YouWager Payout ComplaintSports Betting Sites (SBS) has downgraded to D+ on our rating guide due to multiple player disputes. Five complaints are known about. Missing payouts, slow pays, account closure, and balance confiscation are some of the issues. A significant account balance is held by each player with a dispute. Their betting site should likely be used under extreme caution. Risk of being freerolled might be present to those with large account balances. Outstanding complaints are detailed below.

Missing Bitcoin Payouts

Most current complaints involve bitcoin payouts. With these, players are not accused of violating any rules. They are missing money and receiving little help or sympathy from both YouWager, and the forum that touts them. There is also a player with $33,000 remaining in payment plan payouts reporting a gross delay. A fifth complaint involves YouWager confiscating a $77,721 account balance. We will write about that one soon. Here I address each known bitcoin payout complaint, and conclude with our opinion.

Fossilman’s Payout

A customer using the handle fossilman was the first to report an issue with missing bitcoin payouts. He asserts he won a decent amount betting at They began putting his bets on a 15-second delay. This allowed them to adjust and offer him worse odds with the option to accept or cancel. A few weeks ago, they decided they no longer wanted his action. His account was closed and he could not log in. On October 23, they unlocked his account for 10 minutes so he could request withdrawals.

$7,335 in Missing Bitcoin

Fossilman’s balance was $15,335. Youwager policy allowed $2,000 maximum per withdrawal. Up to 3 withdrawals per week are allowed. As such, he entered 7 bitcoin payout requests for $2,000 each. He entered an eighth for $1,335. The first four payouts came as expected, but the fifth did not. He contacted YouWager, and they told him all payouts had already been sent. This is a big problem. He is short $7,335 in payouts.

He was informed that four of his withdrawals went to a bitcoin address that he does not recognize. Also, despite their policy of three withdrawals per seven days, they sent four in two days. Two each were sent on October 24 and October 25. Somehow the bitcoin address on four of his payout requests was changed. This shouldn’t be possible. He had no access to his account due to it being closed. YouWager’s cashier uses a form of two factor. This prevents anyone who accesses an account via unauthorized means from receiving a fraudulent bitcoin payout.

How YouWager Bitcoin Payouts Work

Requesting a payout via bitcoin is a multiple-step process.

First: Request the payout online entering the amount to be sent and the bitcoin address for it to be sent to.

Second: Go to your email account on file to find a confirmation code that YouWager sends via email.

Third: Call customer service from the phone number registered on your account. Provide them the confirmation code from that email.

Fourth: Wait for the payout to be approved.

A Second Bitcoin Payout Complaint

A bettor posting on forums under the handle ywpain was the second to come forward with a YouWager complaint of the same nature. He states his account was closed in October with a $27,945 balance. It was temporarily unlocked for him to request thirteen $2K bitcoin payouts and one for $1945. He used the same bitcoin address for each. Along the way, he discovered three payouts for $2,000 were missing ($6K total). He was eventually informed that these three were sent on October 20, October 22, and November 1 to a bitcoin address that does not belong to him. His final payout of $1945 should have been received by now but he has been told it is now on hold for review.

A Third Bitcoin Payout Complaint

Forum handle deck5 was the next to appear with the same complaint. In his case the issue happened at BetPop which is the parent site of He claims on October 10, he wasn’t able to log-in to his account. YouWager informed him it had been closed. They gave him 30 minute access in order to request payouts. He requested eighteen payouts (17 for $1000 each and one for the remainder) all to the same btc address. He called back and gave the codes. His complaint now slightly differs…

4 days later deck5 received 8 emails with new codes. He called support to say he didn’t request these. The rep told him some of his withdrawals just got canceled and re-requested and that he just needed to give her the new codes. This is where this one differs slightly. Thinking this was just some administrative issue, he gave the new codes. Those 8 withdrawals ended up going to a bitcoin address that was not his. This left him missing $8,000.

Complaints 2 and 3 Related

It has since been determined that the eight missing $1,000 BTC payments intended for deck5, and three missing $2,000 payments intended for ywpain ($14,000 combined) all went to the same bitcoin address 3DUnUSdZYHZKNPio6F3234FFeHeuqhdaUp. Fossilman’s four missing bitcoin withdrawals totaling $7,335 went to a different bitcoin address 3Na8PQA4hEqPZWCWj4cBrcYWojxVW7RgRv. In total, these three players had $21,335 in bitcoin payouts paid to addresses that don’t belong to them. The final $1,945 payment to ywpain is also still not paid. Slow Pay

A bettor using the forum handle holzhaur is the most recent to chime in. He claims he is on a three bitcoin withdrawal per week payment plan. A few months ago, the payments slowed to one per week. Now customer service tells him they are still paying three payments per week, with the last scheduled for late November. He believes he is still owed $33,000. It is unclear if he is being more aggressively slow paid, or if he has been a victim of bitcoin payouts going to the wrong address. We will update when more information is available.

SBS Opinion

YouWager has been slow to offer help to these players thus far. The log-in was already disabled on each account. This means a third party shouldn’t have been able to hack and access their account via a user name and password. Unless these players are somehow in collusion, responsibility seems to lie fully on YouWager. The most plausible explanations are that their system (and not the player accounts) was hacked, or a rogue employee and/or ownership/management changed the bitcoin address in order to rob these players.

We at Sports Betting Sites (SBS) would like players to understand all over the web betting site ratings are mostly fake. is highly touted by questionable watchdog site SBR ( who rates them A. SBR features player vs. betting site complaints on their newswire and company homepage. They also offer a service to help people resolve disputes. Despite these players filing SBR disputes, and bringing their complaints to the SBR forum, no mention of these yet appear on the SBR Newswire or homepage. In our article coming soon on a $77,721 confiscated YouWager balance we mention how SBR sometimes censors and edits threads.

Some Red Flags Present

YouWager is a betting site with some red flags. They claim to be a recreational sportsbook yet multiple sharp players have accumulated large balances. Their terms and conditions contains fine print that can be used in a predatory nature. It appears they might possibly have some risk management issues. This might be offset by payout policy. Most players are allowed three $2,000 bitcoin payouts per week. Players with large balances have reported a lower payout limit. Of course, as covered here, they now have many outstanding disputes.

It is the opinion of SBS that all YouWager bitcoin payouts paid to an address their user does not own, and did not provide, must be repaid correctly. All missing payments and slow pays must also be resolved. Until this is done, they are rated D+ on our rating guide. Should this matter be resolved soon, we will reevaluate their rating. Regardless, be aware that has some additional red flags. Player caution is advised.